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Archive for January 2018

We’ll Definitely Be Seeing Tyler Later

Tyler Goodbye Hero

We’re all familiar with the old adage, “When one door closes, another opens…” Today we help Tyler through to the new chapter in his life. You may remember him from The Tylergotchi Experiment, and when he was serenaded during Christmas by the Charlie Brown Christmas Song. Regardless of where you may or may not recognize…

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AfterImage: Versatile, Easily Installed, and Quickly Updated

AfterImage Hero

“With the proper preparation and due diligence of identifying the problem to test and solve, the Wildland team made [Afterimage] a fast, effective process.” -Issac Lewis, creator of Afterimage The beginning of a wonderful relationship In April of 2016 Issac (Ike) Lewis approached Brett Spooner, Ty Mulholland, and Casey Stratton with an idea for a…

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