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AfterImage: Versatile, Easily Installed, and Quickly Updated

AfterImage: Versatile, Easily Installed, and Quickly Updated

“With the proper preparation and due diligence of identifying the problem to test and solve, the Wildland team made [Afterimage] a fast, effective process.”
-Issac Lewis, creator of AfterimageIke

The beginning of a wonderful relationship

In April of 2016 Issac (Ike) Lewis approached Brett Spooner, Ty Mulholland, and Casey Stratton with an idea for a software application that would allow customers to easily create custom interactive displays. By that time, Ike had already done the research, the testing, and the exploration needed to begin development for a product that would soon to be known as Afterimage.

Afterimage is known as, “The easiest Digital Signage Software for custom, interactive displays and kiosks.” By May, Ike and his new team had developed a beta version of the software and presented it at Startup Weekend, “a 54-hour weekend event, during which groups of developers, business managers, startup enthusiasts, marketing gurus, graphic artists and more pitch ideas for new startup companies” (Wikipedia), where it immediately gained the support of two clients.

AfterImage Store Display

Surprisingly smooth sailing

Fueled by the immediate demand of new customers, official Afterimage development began. From June until September of 2016, Ike utilized the talents of approximately one and a half developers, in addition to an intern named Herman (where is that guy, anyway?) during a series of four month-long sprints. This was the bulk of the creation of Afterimage.

By October, the software was officially marketable. All previous clients had their existing products updated, and Afterimage began to catch the attention of many additional customers. The software was officially successful at implementing a breadth of content that can be used on television software, something that’s never been easily accomplished and implemented prior to its creation.

AfterImage Store and Waiting Room

Where it sits today

Today Afterimage is a quality product that is easy to use and update with custom content. It’s been used to highlight events, specials, and brand awareness for its users. It’s showcased insight into organic vineyards while on display in tasting rooms. It’s displayed solar data and future exhibits for both cultural and recreational purposes. These are only a few ways it’s been deployed, with plenty of room to grow and change as its users need. That’s the beauty of the software!

What makes the creation of this software so impressive is not only its ease of use, but how smooth the development process went. Afterimage credits the Wildland team with allowing the program to be versatile, easily installed, and quickly updated. Wildland will continue to ask the hard questions and pay its due diligence before it takes on new projects, thus excelling at aiding pre-market and pre-money companies blossom into existence.

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