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Team Spotlight: Kevin Haro

Team Spotlight Kevin Haro Hero

A Quick Look At Kevin Favorite Food: Hamburgers. I cannot resist a hamburger. Favorite Drink: Either Thai Tea or Horchata. I make both at home so I don’t have to pay $4+ dollars for it. xD Favorite [Movie/TV Show/Anime/Play] (choose one or multiple): Easy. The Avatar universe. The air bending kid, not the blue people.…

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Nathan Ockerman Spotlights Himself

Team Spotlight Nathan Ockerman The Beard

The Wildland team didn’t realize that we needed both a Developer AND a robot when we hired Nathan, but he’s yet to let us down on either accounts. Take your time and enjoy getting to know Nathan Ockerman. A (Not So) Quick Look At Nathan Favorite Food: The less I need to think about food…

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