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Nathan Ockerman Spotlights Himself

Team Spotlight Nathan Ockerman The Beard

The Wildland team didn’t realize that we needed both a Developer AND a robot when we hired Nathan, but he’s yet to let us down on either accounts. Take your time and enjoy getting to know Nathan Ockerman. A (Not So) Quick Look At Nathan Favorite Food: The less I need to think about food…

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Team Spotlight: Matthew Burg

Team Spotlight Matthew Burg Hero

Today we’re highlighting our new Business Development Director, Matthew Burg. Since the moment he arrived at Wildland, he dove head first into the deep end of promoting business and connecting clients with the team members they need to grow their businesses. A Quick Look At Matt Favorite Food: Keto Nachos Favorite Movie: The Greatest Showman…

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Wednesday Spotlight: Nestor Guzman

Team Spotlight The Guz Hero

Meet Wildland’s new Project Manager! Nestor has been dutifully training with Tyler Soldat to get up to speed, and he’s taken to the role like a duck to water. Enjoy learning about Nestor and why he’s been the perfect person to fill this role. A Quick Look At Nestor Favorite Food: Tacos Favorite Movie: The…

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We’ll Definitely Be Seeing Tyler Later

Tyler Goodbye Hero

We’re all familiar with the old adage, “When one door closes, another opens…” Today we help Tyler through to the new chapter in his life. You may remember him from The Tylergotchi Experiment, and when he was serenaded during Christmas by the Charlie Brown Christmas Song. Regardless of where you may or may not recognize…

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