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Our Process

This is the process we use to cultivate meaningful relationships with clients to best understand their needs.

#1 Initial Research: Let's Get To Know Each Other.

We will closely examine your current brand to get a good look at what you want and why. This is where we build Tech Reviews or map existing structure and content for your website. All of this helps to build a strong vision of not only where you want your project to go, but where it is now, and precisely what Wildland can do to bridge any gaps.

#2 Story Building / Design: Wildland Takes A "Design First" Approach To Application And Web Development.

This means we always have your end-user experience in mind when it comes to building a product. Features and improvements are carefully architected, designed, and presented before we begin development. Application projects are scoped into finite stories and website designs are crafted into static mockups.

#3 Production and Coding: At This Point We Take Approved Designs And Stories And Translate Them Into Beautiful Code.

Changes are monitored to ensure we have your vision just right, that content is entered correctly, and any 3rd party data is secure. Once you are satisfied with your website, and our applications are tested internally, we will move into the Production and Implementation phase.

#4 Testing, Testing, Testing: This Is Where We’ll Do Our Last Bit Of QA And Compatibility Testing.

We test every feature internally first, and then we’ll push it out to our you for a final review before changes go live. We look to ensure stability before transferring data, and that every change was correctly addressed before launch.

#5 Celebration!

Thank you for allowing Wildland to help you tell your story to the world! We’ll crack open a bottle of your favorite bubbly, and while we’re not picky, we do like chocolate cake…

You've made it! Okay, what else is there to do?

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