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Get to know the people behind the genius.

Ty Mulholland

Pun Master

Ty Mulholland is the President of Wildland, and has over 10 years of experience leading highly talented teams through large scale projects. Ty has developed projects for large companies such as Microsoft, Hyundai, and Lamb Weston as well as small and locally owned startups. He is passionate about technology that enhances people’s lives. Ty is an avid supporter of the community. He is a board member for Fuse Co-Working, has been a Tri-Conf organizer, Startup Weekend Organizer, WSU guest lecturer, Launch University Keynote and founded several meet ups in the community. He lives in Richland with his wife and three daughters.


Joe Weakley

Mr. Automagical

Joe is a Senior Developer at Wildland and has been developing software professionally for over 10 years; everything from large web-based applications to tiny embedded applications. Joe started building awesome things for Wildland in 2015 as one of the original team members. Although Joe holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science, he and his wife frequently find themselves camping in the beautiful wilderness that Washington State offers.


Sam Clopton

Mr. Knows-A-Lot

Sam is one of the original members of Wildland, and currently serves as the organization’s chief architect; providing the long-term technical vision for our development projects. Sam is a native of the Tri-Cities and graduated from WSU Tri-Cities with a degree in Computer Science. He loves snowboarding, hiking, and teaching people how to make super delicious coffee, and currently lives in Richland with his son.

Kevin “Keveen” Haro

Coffee Guzzler

Kevin is a zany software developer birthed from the hop fields of Moxee, Washington. After earning a Computer Science degree from Central Washington University he moved to Richland to begin his career. Although relatively new to the Tri-Cities, this fine lad is an avid member of the local co-working community. In his off time he can be found working on personal projects or playing Pokemon Go.

Erin Schmidt

Ms. Get-It-Done

Erin is Wildland’s resident design systems evangelist. Passionate about application design, she joined Wildland in 2015 as an interface developer. Erin has always been an active community member participating in organizations such as CampFire USA, Boy Scouts of America, and Atomic Cooperative Market. Erin is currently on the board of Fuse Co-Working and supporting efforts for a new bicycle cooperative, Wheelhouse. Erin and her husband spend their free time with three busy teens and enjoy backpacking and bicycling around the Pacific Northwest. Erin has been tinkering with web work for over 15 years. She received her degree in Computer Science with an Art emphasis from Columbia Basin College in 2011 and has been professionally creating beautiful things ever since.


Nathan Ockerman

The Cynic

An English major turned techie, Nathan joined the Wildland Team as an intern in early 2016, and is now a staffed Junior Developer. Before Wildland he was a teaching assistant for the Web Development course at General Assembly technical school. A more-or-less Tri-City native, he spent a number of years in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he slipped and fell into the world of coding languages. A lifelong writer, Nathan can usually be found with either a book or pen and paper in hand, and every once in a while, those pages scribble’s wind up in some publication or another. He lives in Richland with his wife and daughter, and assures you that he is in fact human—despite coworkers’ claims of his robotic nature.

Brett Spooner

Human-Cyborg Relations

Brett dedicates much of his time to the growth and expansion of small businesses and the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Tri-Cities. He strives to provide innovative solutions for businesses faced with technological challenges. When Brett is not immersed in the business community of the Tri-Cities, he spends time with his wife and daughters. He enjoys mountain biking, hunting, golf, and writing science fiction. He dreams of a downtown Richland and a unified Tri-Cities produced, in part, by his business law efforts.

Chad Zink

Mr. Database

Chad started at Wildland Labs in late 2015 bring with him 16 years of experience in software development and product development. Chad’s role is to work with the executive team to execute the company’s strategic goals. Additionally, he works with the Chief Software Architect (Sam Clopton) to implement Wildland’s software development process and technologies to meet company standards and client needs. Born and raised in Southeastern Washington, Chad is a graduate of Washington State University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Master in Business Administration.

Nester Guzman

Nestor Guzman

The Güz

Nestor is a Tri-City native with a B.S. in Operations Management and Information Systems from the University of Idaho. He joined Wildland at the start of 2018 and brings 5 years of Project Management experience with him. Nestor left the Tri-Cities in 2008 and found himself reeled back in 2017 by the opportunity to build a small self-sustaining farm. He spends most of his off time raising chickens, playing video games, or spending time with his wife and their two dogs Turtle and Paisley.

The Burg

Matthew Burg

The Piano Man

Matt is Wildland’s Business Development Director. Joining our team in December of 2017, Matt brings with him a passion for building relationships, and serving others. A Portland, OR transplant, Matt enjoys playing/recording music, spending time exploring the great outdoors with his wife, and playing with his dog “Olive”.

Torey Azure

Torey Azure


Torey founded BrandCraft in 2012. An artist at heart with an entrepreneurial spirit. Torey’s background winds through Science & Engineering (a registered Civil Engineer) until he decided to chase his true passion – marketing. After short stints away, the Tri-Cities area lured him back to plant roots and put up shop. Free time consists of golf, coaching, beer tasting (12oz tasters), and photography.

Jessica Miracle

Jessi Miracle

The Miracle Designer

Jessica grew up in Tri-Cities, left for college (Central Grad) and decided to stay in the dry heat of the Eastside of Washington State. She started as an intern with Brandcraft in 2015. Jessica is the go-to Swiss Army Knife of design. We throw everything at her – code, vectors, Content Management Systems (CMS) – and… she can illustrate. At home you’ll find her gaming, drawing and Netflixing.


Oso Meza

Osito, The Bear

Originally from SoCal, Oso moved to the Tri-Cities where he joined the Wildland/BrandCraft creative team in September of 2017. He has print-shop experience with interests in typography and illustrations. Outside the office, Oso can be found ballin’ at the gym, streaming Netflix, and competitively gaming Halo online. Catch him on Xbox Live @Burrtality.

Dee Boyle


Dee is our resident social butterfly and communications guru. A Tri-Cities native, she combines diverse expertise and a natural instinct to create authentic brand messaging on digital platforms with passion and enthusiasm. When she isn’t oozing joy around the office and giving our client’s digital and social strategy the utmost care and attention, she’s a busy gal. Dee is on a team that organizes a local TEDx conference, holds an appointment with the City of Kennewick as an Arts Commissioner, and gives her time to a list of other Tri-Cities organizations.

Alissa Petersen

Master Tasker

With a background in graphic design, Alissa is able to bridge the essential gap between creativity and organization on our design team. She is an inquisitive person who is continually searching for growth opportunities in the office and community and appreciates the diversity of her work.

As our resident “Scandihoovian,” Alissa deeply appreciates coffee, holiday festivities, and pickled foods. After hours you can catch her around Richland sipping a cappuccino, listening to podcasts, and scouting period furniture for her alphabet home.

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