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Cash Crop

Cash Crop

Now this has been fun! Wildland recently combined forces with Red Level Games to work on a brand-new type of farming simulation/business tycoon game.  Wildland took a headfirst dive into this new adventure and we’ve been excited to work on something both creatively and technologically challenging.

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The Game

Ganja and Poly with Trolley

Cash Crop has been an interesting challenge for our development and creative teams.  Video games are art-heavy from the onset, and become more technically demanding as creative assets are implemented into the game.  We focused on understanding what the world looks like and how it functions.  After this we could begin implementing gameplay rules into that world and so far, the result has been both a beautiful and fun game.

Cash Crop Screenshot

The Approach

  • Players can plant, tend to, and harvest plants
  • Players can hire a crew and work to fulfill contracts for rewards
  • Weather and seasons change as the game progresses and effect plants
  • Created a custom art design for the game world with a beautiful northwest theme and retro music score

The Outcome

Cash Crop is currently slated to be launched on Steam in 2018 and Wildland is very proud of the work we have put into it. We feel this game has the opportunity to become a staple of the business simulator genre and are so excited to continue working on this! Check back for more information as the game progresses!

Creating assets, brainstorming stories, coming up with the logic behind the gameplay, and working with our extraordinarily dynamic and creative team… every aspect involved with inventing Cash Crop in order to engage our audience and venture down this newly opened opportunity in America’s history has been one of the most rewarding stages of my career.

– Amy


Cash Crop has been covered by several publications, including the Tri-City HeraldNBC, and the Tri-City Journal of Business. Cash Crop is now available on Steam for download.

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