Denovo – Law Practice Software

Denovo – Law Practice Software

Denovo approached Wildland with a bold mission:  to be the leading innovator of law practice management software.  After years of using a combination of Outlook, excel and a number of inadequate time-tracking tools, Denovo saw potential in creating an all-in-one tool that could take an attorney from Client Intake all the way to document generation and billing based off of a case.

The Frustration

  • Previous document drafting process was cumbersome and led to errors
  • There was no easy way to monitor internal conflict checks with clients
  • Document generation was manual and time-consuming
  • Lack of a single tool meant that several applications were used and needed to be tracked

The Approach

Wildland sought to connect several moving parts into a streamlined user experience. A persisting time-keeping feature and exporting API allows time to be sent to multiple billing platforms. A robust document generation tool allows a user to create, fill out, and generate a document all within the application. A robust relationship database allows attorneys to run conflict checks as well as create intricate relationship matrices to better understand client ties within a particular case.

Timekeeping widget that persists from page to page.

Keeping track of time efficiently and accurately can be one of the biggest pain points that many lawyers face in their practice. With Denovo’s timekeeping widget, it becomes easy to assign time to a person or a case, and keep track of rates. The widget persists in the app, so users don’t have to worry about the potential loss of data when transitioning between pages.

In-application form-builder and document generator.

Denovo’s form-building tools allow lawyers to quickly create and manage the many documents needed to successfully run a practice. The form builder allows users to create simple mailing lists or complicated agreements with a simple drag-and-drop field generator. Users can then associate specific forms with areas of their practice, and use them to better manage workflow.

Dashboard features allow attorneys quick visibility into case-loads and important activities.

Managing a law practice is difficult, and making sure a practice runs efficiently and effectively can be incredibly time-consuming. The dashboard is a quick way to visualize who is working on what projects in your practice, including cases by attorney and cases by case-type. Attorneys can also quickly access their most recently viewed cases or contacts, all from the dashboard.

The Outcome

In working with Denovo, Wildland built its most robust and feature-driven application to date.  Because of the ease of use for complicated actions, Denovo is positioned to become a leader in CRM technology across not just law practices, but multiple marketplaces that need to manage complicated relationships quickly.

The document generation feature was my favorite part of working on Denovo. I’m proud of how much it helped the client with their every day work by off-loading the tediousness of filling out forms. From a technical standpoint it provide a nice challenge to find a fast and efficient way to handle the problem.
– JoeJoey

Interested in learning more about the customer facing website? Head over to BrandCraft Media’s portfolio post about their work on the app’s website.

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