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After working in Excel to manage inventory and statuses of heavy machinery, ITEMS approached Wildland to develop a web-based Customer Relationship Management tool.  Initially developed for heavy machinery, users would need to be able to view equipment, create invoices, and manage relationships with clients.

The Challenge

  • Original tool did not easily communicate equipment status or payment history
  • Original tool was cumbersome to use and not web-based
  • Equipment history was not clearly defined through excel sheets

The Solution

Wildland set out to create a web-based tool that could not only handle the complex equipment status, but also the changing ownership and repair history of each item.  By creating a detailed item profile, users could easily access any vital information regarding that item.  Vendor and Client profiles allow Users to see detailed contact information as well as a detailed purchase history.

Items Mockup Magnified

Purchase Orders that can be filtered by Payment Status.

Like the ability to visualize routes, it was a must-have for our client to be able to quickly see stops for some routes and filter between large data-sets. The filtering mechanisms allow a user to rapidly move between cities, routes, and even route managers. Route stops are also grouped depending on the map size, which allows for hundreds and even thousands of routes to be quickly loaded.

Complex Inventory list that can be custom filtered.

Users have the ability to build out custom inventory type lists, which greatly increases the variety of uses for ITEMS. These inventory types are automatically included in the Inventory List filter, along with other important filters such as Item Price, Location, and status. Because of this, users are able to filter complex item lists rather quickly in order to drill down to the exact kind of information they may be looking for.

Items Dashboard

Complex Inventory list that can be custom filtered.

Most CRM users will need to quickly view the same kind of information every time they log in. The Dashboard of ITEMS includes links to Purchase orders and Inventory items. Purchase orders are broken into PO status, and Inventory items are broken into item status, which includes both purchase status and repair status.

The Results

ITEMS is now one of Wildland’s most versatile applications, with a solid CRM background and a flexible construction that allows it to be a potential backbone for other applications.  The framework allows ITEMS to not only be a standout application in its own right, but also a customizable platform for any Wildland clients looking for a CRM tool.

ITEMS was great to work on because It presented our team with unique challenges in integrating a flexible typing system with custom reporting tools and CRM management tools in an easy to use interface.
– Sam


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