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Remio – Real Estate Document Builder

Remio – Real Estate Document Builder

Wildland was approached with a unique opportunity: build a dynamic form-builder application that was both user-friendly and powerfully versatile. Remio began from a frustrated title company employee who recognized the value in allowing title companies to work directly with “For Sale by Owner” clients to fill out complicated paperwork. This cut back on confusion, saved costs for the seller, and opened an avenue for title companies to offer a unique service.

The Challenge

  • Title companies cannot actively recruit home owners to sell through them
  • Home selling-buying paperwork is cumbersome and complicated
  • Form-building software is expensive and not customized for state regulations

The Solution

The Remio application presented several challenges and opportunities. We set out to build upon Wildland’s own form-building library to create a robust module that we could use again if needed.  This required a redesign of form-building UX to incorporate a more intuitive drag-drop functionality into a standalone ember add-on.  At the same time, we set out to build a sleek and user-friendly Ruby platform in which to house the form-building component.

Remio Field Type Example

Answers to Fields can be set to create conditional actions, such as spawning another section of the form, spawning another field to fill out, or spawning language within a document.

Remio is a Dynamic Form Builder, meaning that the forms change as users fill out fields. Depending on the answer, a new field or even a new section of the form could be triggered. In addition, specific answers can trigger document language to change, thereby creating a personalized finished product.

Clients can quickly and easily navigate through fields in a form without having to pour through complicated document language.

By using Remio, clients can quickly and easily fill out important form fields without having to poor through several pages of complicated legal language in order to find the appropriate sections. By decreasing the time that users spend reading and filling out housing documents, Remio brings immediate value to people desiring a sell-by-owner experience.

Remio Template Example
Remio Styling Example

Administrators can quickly drag and drop fields to be filled out by clients.

Creating complex forms is simple with Remio. Drag-and-drop fields allow a single user to build a custom form with dynamic fields. Specific field answers will trigger more fields or even form sections, and these complex systems can be set up in minutes by using Remio’s straight-forward process.

The Results

In Remio, Wildland could build one of the most interesting and versatile applications to date. The form-building platform can be used for several projects, and the ability to generate dynamic documents means that users can quickly fill out a complicated form, view answers in a document with conditionally created content, and send that off to a third party, all within minutes. The base library of Remio allows Wildland to offer a form-building component in a variety of applications.

We relished the challenge of designing and creating a positive user experience for even the most tedious of tasks such as inputting data for PSAs. What I like most is that just about anybody can use this because of simple click-throughs, clear design, and you don’t even need a printer!
- Herb

Herby Derbs

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