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Team Spotlight: Kevin Haro

Team Spotlight: Kevin Haro

A Quick Look At Kevin

Favorite Food: Hamburgers. I cannot resist a hamburger.
Favorite Drink: Either Thai Tea or Horchata. I make both at home so I don’t have to pay $4+ dollars for it. xD
Favorite [Movie/TV Show/Anime/Play] (choose one or multiple): Easy. The Avatar universe. The air bending kid, not the blue people. 😜 I also have most of the Last Air Bender and Legend of Korra comics.
Favorite Color: Purple. Like really deep purples. Hang on, one sec….. Somewhere around #501f68. Purple Box #501f68
Favorite Emoji: Hmm… favorite or most used…? I use variations of 😁 and 😄 a lot but my favorite is probably the gif-emoji of Espeon running we have on Wildland’s slack. You can find it at Running Espeon
List of Places You’ve Lived In Your Life: Yakima, Ellensburg, Pasco, Kennewick, and Richland. Basically, the desert of Washington.

At what age did you realize you were going to be a developer?

Hm, if I had to give an answer I would say 8. I remember being completely amazed by how my game boy worked and loved playing Pokémon. I thought, I gotta do this; I have to know how this works.

What programming languages do you work in?

Right now, I work in Ruby and JavaScript. Within that you have some Ruby domain specific languages (DSL) and our JavaScript framework, Ember. There is some MS-SQL on the side as well. I am very happy to be working in these languages.

What is/are the method(s) you use to work through a project from beginning, middle, and to completion?

Is this a personal question or how we do things at Wildland? At Wildland, we have a process which starts with an initial review of the technology and complexity involved with the project. After that, we put time into planning the scope of work for the course of the project and putting it into the hands of the developers. We aim to have a feedback loop of 2-3 weeks to check in with the client while the work is being completed. We do some work, we check in to make sure we are developing what the client wants. Repeat. Based on that we can adjust the priority of certain issues and modify the existing scope for the project. Listening to the client is very important for project success and the way we work helps us do that over the entire course of the project.

You’ve mentioned you used to draw in a past life. How do you feel that has helped you with your current profession?

I am not sure that it has. Well, aside from bombing the white board with an occasional mural I guess I do not hesitate to draw diagrams. If I am working through something that I am having an especially hard time conceptualizing I will reach for my current notebook and scribble until I am satisfied with a representation for the problem. If I do not know the answer to the problem then I at least have a diagram that will help me communicate my problem to another developer. So, I guess drawing has given me the ability to be an effective communicator. Hmph.

What is your professional goal in the next five years?

This has yet to be determined but it somewhere between extending my current application development skills and maybe going for a master’s degree in something I find interesting. I have considered cognitive science and robotics before.

The Wildland office is majorly fueled by copious amounts of caffeine. What kinds of caffeine do you drink and when?

Mostly black coffee. We are fortunate enough to have a coffee hookup and have delicious coffee brewed every day! Aside from that I will usually get cold brew or an Americano from a coffee shop, if I am looking for caffeine. If I just want to kill some time in a café (a favorite pastime of mine) I will probably get a cappuccino (dry) or a matcha latte.

What video games/apps are occupying your free time lately?

Recently most of my free time has been split between reading the works of H.P. Lovecraft and getting back into guitar. If I had to give a videogame I would probably say Heroes of the Storm or Fortnight.

Where in Tri-Cities would you have a “frequent flyer” punch card?

Roasters. I have multiple of them. That place is dope. Check it out! I would also have the same punch card at Fuse Coworking and Richland Public Library. I have always had an affinity for libraries. I love what they do, I love the vibe, I love hanging out in them.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

Mexico or Australia. I love my family and I don’t get to see my family in Mexico very often. I would seize any chance to connect with them. There is also so much of Mexico that I would love to explore and experience. Australia seems cool too.

Lastly, are you the best?

Yes! You already know!

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