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Team Spotlight: Matthew Burg

Team Spotlight: Matthew Burg

Today we’re highlighting our new Business Development Director, Matthew Burg. Since the moment he arrived at Wildland, he dove head first into the deep end of promoting business and connecting clients with the team members they need to grow their businesses.

A Quick Look At Matt

Favorite Food: Keto Nachos
Favorite Movie: The Greatest Showman
Favorite Color: Cobalt
Favorite Drink: Ginger Beer
Favorite Emoji: 👍
Where you’ve lived in your life: Boring, OR; Gresham, OR; Kennewick, WA. And yes, Boring is an actual town in Oregon State.

Why did you choose to get into sales?
I didn’t choose the sales life, the sales life chose me. I always thought of sales people with a negative connotation; until I was approached with an incredible sales role. At which time I heard another definition of sales, “People do business with those that they know, like, and trust”, those that are in Sales are truly in the business of relationships. This mindset won me over, and I’ve been building relationships, and making sales ever since.

How would you describe the corporate culture of your past company compared to Wildland?
Both companies have excellent cultures that lend themselves well to personal/professional growth of the employees. Something that I’ve really come to appreciate about Wildland, is the atmosphere of entrepreneurship, and the management style of our leadership team. We hire great people, and empower them do great work.

What is your communication style?
I have an assertive communication style that focuses on kindness and integrity. Be kind and respectful in what you say, while saying what you mean. Openness is the key to building trust, and relationships.

What is your professional goal in the next 6 months?
Within the next 6 months I would like to be in a position to add a member to our sales team; to continue growing revenue, and assist in bringing on new clients.

What do you do in your free time?
During my off hours, I enjoy traveling/adventuring with my wonderful wife, cooking delicious keto-friendly meals, playing/writing music, spending time outside, and playing with our puppy “Olive”.

What kind of tennis player are you?
I’m a very competitive tennis player. I place my serve strategically, and then rush the net. Growing up I played tennis in high-school, both doubles and singles; in addition to coaching youth tennis teams most summers.

We hear you’re musically inclined. Tell us more about that.
I’ve been playing music for several years, starting with drums at age 7. I played drums/percussion from elementary school – College, in both classical, and jazz/rock settings. Along the way I’ve also picked up piano, vocals, guitar, and ukulele. I have a minor in musical composition and performance with an emphasis in music theory.

What video games are taking up the time you have left over after accomplishing all of the above during the day?
Fallout 4, Prey, and Shadow Warrior.

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